Medium Breast Sex Dolls

Medium-Breasted Doll, Unparalleled Beauty

Her small, vibrant medium-sized breasts, tight waist, and broad buttocks contribute to her astonishing figure, complemented by her beautiful hair. She embodies both inner and outer beauty, making her an excellent guardian for those who harbor secret romantic fantasies. She is undoubtedly the object of your affection.

Showing 1–78 of 354 results

Showing 1–78 of 354 results

Body Parts – Soft Touch

The doll’s breasts, abdomen, thighs, and buttocks are made of softer silicone compared to other parts of the body, enhancing the tactile sensation and elasticity, effectively heightening the realism of the sexual experience. Her soft vaginal canal is lined with ribs and nodules, offering a gentle protrusion that provides a pleasurable experience regardless of the size or intensity of entry.

Joy in Owning Them

These dolls perfectly capture the charm and demeanor of modern women, with lifelike curves and shapes, captivating eyes, and adorable, realistic faces. They are skilled in enduring sexual intercourse, revealing charming areolas, slender waists, and firm, juicy buttocks. This is a woman full of fantasies and desires, with whom you can confidently enjoy the pleasures of love.