Love Doll 160cm ~ 169cm

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Investigating the development of sex doll for years, it is wise to say that the doll sex industry is one that has seen a series of developments that have made a big step in improving sexual experience. Sex storms were not only made of gas plastics, but it was also considered impossible to eliminate action sect during the day.
However, due to continuous development in the business, we can now recognize the actual TPE and silicone sex dolls that are amazing and utilizing it as unusual as many people learn and focus on their great benefits that these dolls have.
Real sex doll
To focus on many, the most popular morning radio program Howard Stern is one of the many people who have led the big efforts to promote sex donkeys. In the 1990’s, a popular radio player got a real sex doll and slept with her. The most important thing about Stern’s side is how the doll sex industry was concentrated and answered. Howard’s comment at this time thought he had a primary role in the social awareness of these sex guides.

In the 1990s, however, sex dolls were only for human beings that were linked to sexual intercourse. According to the present day, sex dolls have developed several developments that include the use of metallic ingredients that improve their condition, which means that sex can be counted on sexual gold using different space and without major stress. Dolls are produced by silicone materials and TPE similar to humans and are currently confused with artificial intelligence to improve their experience.