Love Doll 150cm ~ 159cm

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Just like your Bluetooth Eliza or your interactive iPhone, you can exchange conversations with these love doll. Of late, with the increasing demand for these dolls, there are various websites that sell love dolls. The price range also varies and a decent one would cost around 799 to 1699 dollars. it would help you customize these dolls according to your need.
Some people are strictly against this replica of a human sex partner. The main argument is that this would lead to immorality in men as they would lose the ability to control themselves. Another argument against these love doll is, this would mean women are used only to satisfy sexual desires of men. There is a risk of men losing interest in real life partners and would seek refuge in love doll for

In short, these love dolls are created by companies for people to satisfy their sexual desires. These sex dolls are designed to enable the partners to cuddle them, squeeze it. As opposed to the popular belief, these sex dolls give a realistic experience to one’s physical senses.