Love Doll 140cm ~ 149cm

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The love doll are sexual stimulator dolls that are increasingly preferred by many to human sex partners. These AI sex partners are used for realizing the sexual desires of people who can’t find a partner of their own. Those who long for a companionship, but fail to find one or the one who doesn’t cheat on them. There are some people who prefer a robot who listens to commands rather than a companion who has views and ideas of their own.

The artificial intelligence with which this doll is programmed gives a human touch to the love doll as they listen to your conversation and responds quickly. That is another reason why many people go for these realistic sex dolls to real partners. Initially, these love dolls were invented during the second world war period. With the development of technology, there are many silicon robotic love doll that give freezing experience to those craving for a partner in their lonely life. There are people who use them to cuddle and not as sex partners.